AmWager Review: Promo Code and Racebook App Details

$150 Deposit Bonus Match Last verified on February 21, 2024 21+, T&Cs Apply. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
Promo Code: BUSA150
  • Valuable cash back rewards system
  • Extensive handicapping tools
  • Access to high-paying Colossus Jackpots
  • Live racing video and complete past results always available
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AmWager is a licensed horse racing betting platform that offers online and mobile wagering to fans in most US states.

The platform is operated by AmWest Entertainment, which holds account deposit wagering licenses in Oregon, South Dakota, Kentucky, New York, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Indiana.

As a licensed horse racing betting site, provides security and fairness while also comingling all wagers taken online with those taken at the track. This in turn supports the local horse racing industry associated with host tracks and ensures AmWager customers are paid the same as if they had placed their bets in person at the track.

The AmWager approach to business is one of the more customer-centric in the industry. While other major operators tend to all provide a fairly standard wagering experience, AmWager maintains an active presence among the horse racing community and regularly updates its product in response to user feedback. The end result is an online and mobile betting interface that closely aligns with the needs and wants of actual customers.

AmWager Bonus for New Customers

AmWager welcomes all new users with a customer-friendly bonus:

AmWager $150 Deposit Bonus MatchPromo Code: BUSA150Claim Now21+, T&Cs Apply. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Claim Your Bonus Today at:

AmWager Cash Back Rewards

Moving past the deposit bonus, all AmWager customers are automatically enrolled in the cash back rewards program that pays a percentage of most wagers placed back to customers every day.

The exact cash back rate per wager varies, but there are five tiers that largely determine the percentage of money paid back on wagering activity:

  • Bronze: 2% cash back – all customers begin here
  • Silver: 3% cash back – for customers who wager $500+ per month
  • Gold: 4% cash back – for customers who wager $2,000+ per month
  • Platinum: 5% cash back – for customers who wager $5,000+ per month
  • Titanium: Custom VIP treatment for customers who wager $80,000+ per year

AmWager Referral Program

Current AmWager customers can earn a wagering bonus for every friend they refer. Customers can log in and visit the “get a bonus” menu item for a custom link that they can send to friends who would also like to bet online.

Each friend who signs up receives a wagering credit in addition to the standard welcome bonus, and the referrer will receive an equal credit after the friend places qualifies.

AmWager Betting Options

AmWager is best described as a comprehensive horse racing betting platform, both in terms of tracks covered and the types of wagers offered. As AmWager proudly states on its website, it provides:

  • Betting options at 498 tracks throughout the year
  • Has covered more than 1,000 races in a single day
  • Has offered more than 9,000 betting interests in a single day
  • Is open 364 days per year

The types of wagers accepted is also diverse, covering all standard straight bets plus all manner of exotics:

  • Win, place and show bets
  • Across the board bets
  • Exacta, quinella, trifecta and superfecta bets
  • Super high five (top five finishers in order)
  • Hexafecta (top six finishers in order)
  • Boxes and wheels
  • Daily doubles
  • Pick 3 to Pick 12
  • Twin Trifecta
  • Tri-Super
  • Twin Super

AmWager also offers virtual horse racing betting with daily race cards created from a database of 100,000 past races hosted at Tampa Bay Downs, Palm Beach and Derby Lane. Customers can select the virtual track from the tracks dropdown after logging in to bet on virtual races similarly to betting on actual races.

Results are based on actual outcomes, but AmWager generates new video for each race with runners having different positions to create a unique experience each time. Otherwise, virtual racing betting works just like betting on live races. Virtual racing is not available in Kentucky and New York.

AmWager Betting Tools and Interface

AmWager manages to pack a powerful suite of tools but still provide an interface that is accessible to recreational bettors and serious handicappers alike.

Upon logging in, users are presented with two interface options:

  • AmWager Plus: This is the simpler interface and is designed more for recreational bettors. A simple grid showing all tracks with imminent races occupies the majority of the screen, allowing users to quickly navigate to a race that is bound to start soon. Selecting any one race brings up live video from that track alongside a straightforward betting pad in which users can input their wagers.
  • AmWager Pro: This interface is less intuitive for newbies but provides greater access to data all on one screen. The pro interface provides a more advanced betting pad with easier access to advanced wagering options, live odds shift updates and more.

AmWager Plus Screenshot

AmWager Pro Screenshot

Advanced users can make use of many different tools to modify bets, conduct handicapping research and receive data updates “up to 60x faster than the competition” to use AmWager’s own words.

Some of the key features include integrated pool modifiers such as simple wheeling and boxing tools plus several custom AmWager modifiers:

  • Dutch Cost: The Dutching calculator at AmWager allows customers to input how much money they want to spend on a wager to have the system divide it up such that if the bet wins, it pays the same amount on any combination. This gives users complete control over costs and payouts.
  • Rank: A straightforward modifier in which users select the likeliest order of finish in each race, prompting the calculator to provide wagers that fit the user’s predictions and provide as many combinations as possible within the user’s predetermined budget.
  • Rank Pro: Similar to the rank modifier discussed above but allows users to input their own percentage odds lines.
  • Power Box: Similar to a keyed box except it removes any duplicate wagers for increased efficiency.
  • ABC Wagering: This tool help users make more efficient multi-race bets by having users rank horses as A (most likely to win), B (could win) and C (not likely to win unless a lot goes right but still worth including due to high payout potential). The ABC tool then structures the user’s bets to more heavily weight the “A” selections while still paying if some B and C selections hit. This tool is based on Steve Crist’s popular ABC wagering strategy.
  • Tru Odds: Users who have had late odds changes surprise them in the past will appreciate the Tru Odds feature that shows each runner’s projected true odds calculated using all available pool data – also useful for identifying overlays and underlays.
  • Fair Value Grids: Use the exacta fair value grids to quickly see exacta markets that have been either overbet or underbet based on win pool data.

Other features embedded in the AmWager interface include live streaming video on all races, the ability to set favorite tracks and conditional wagering.

AmWager Mobile Betting Review

The AmWager mobile experience is compatible with iOS, Android and other smartphones. Users need only point their mobile browsers to to sign up, login and place bets online with no download needed.

All features provided to desktop users are available through the mobile platform as well, including AmWager Plus, AmWager Pro and custom wagering modifiers. Everything is streamlined for mobile users, and we experienced no slowdowns or other issues when playing via mobile.

Accepted States

AmWager is available to residents of the following states.

Funding Your Account

Deposit MethodMinimumMaximumFee
Online Check$25$200 (instant deposit limit for new customers)$0
Green Dot$20$500$4.99
Wire TransferNo minimumNo maxFree for deposits under $1,000; $10 otherwise
Check or Money OrderNo minimumNo max$0

Final Thoughts

AmWager is a strong horse racing betting site for casual and serious bettors alike. The simple interface for recreational bettors is easy to use and understand while the advanced interface provides multiple handicapping tools not found anywhere else.

Furthermore, AmWager’s comprehensive coverage of tracks from around the world and an automatic cash back rewards program for all customers provide other key benefits not often provided elsewhere.