Legal Oregon Gambling

Oregon Gambling

What types of gambling are legal in Oregon?

Oregon has nearly every form of legalized gambling available. It is operated by numerous entities across the gaming spectrum. This includes lottery and tribal sports betting, tribal casinos, state lottery, video lottery, poker clubs, horse racing and charitable gaming.

The Oregon Lottery controls a significant portion of the industry. This includes a mobile sports betting monopoly, traditional lottery and tavern slots, known as video lottery. Video lottery games are found in taverns and bar areas of restaurants.

The minimum gambling age is 18 for most forms of Oregon gambling. The exceptions are video lottery, sports betting and casinos that serve alcohol. The minimum age there is 21.

This list shows the types of gambling found in Oregon and where to find it:

  • Casinos (tribal)
  • State lottery (retailers)
  • Video lottery (taverns)
  • Poker clubs (approved and licensed by local jurisdictions)
  • Horse racing (off-track and online betting)
  • Sports betting (online sports betting via DraftKings, retail sportsbooks at tribal casinos)
  • Bingo, raffles, casino nights and poker tournaments (registered charities)

Legal Oregon Gambling Sites

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Gambling problem? Visit Lottery games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment, not investment purposes. 21+. Physically present in OR. Eligibility restrictions apply. See for details.

Oregon Online Gambling

There are two forms of legalized online gambling in Oregon. The lottery’s sports betting product called Scoreboard is one. This is a monopoly in the state in terms of online sports betting. The other is wagering on horse racing, made through several apps like TVG and Twin Spires.

Daily fantasy sports apps appear to be legal in Oregon. No law addresses the games either way. Major daily fantasy sports companies like FanDuel, DraftKings, Fantasy Draft and Yahoo all accept players from Oregon. Online poker and casino games are illegal in Oregon.

Oregon Online Gambling Laws

Sports betting launched in 2019 in Oregon. It did not require a change in state law. The lottery operates the monopoly mobile betting app. It already had the ability to offer sports betting legally through powers given to it to create the old Sports Action parlay betting program, which was live in the 1990’s. Oregon was exempted from the now-nullified Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act due to these games. Most forms of sports wagers are permitted in Oregon. College sports are an exception. These are not permitted at any of the state’s sports betting service. Oregon sports bettors must be at least 21 years of age.

Mobile horse racing was created through the Horseracing act of 1978. This allowed interstate wagering on races as the technology became available. Horse bettors must be at least 18 years old.

There are no laws that cover daily fantasy sports in Oregon. The operators claim these contests fall under the state’s skill game exception. This remains unchallenged and the games appear to be legal. The minimum age to play daily fantasy sports in Oregon in 18.

Oregon Casinos

Land-based casinos are only permitted on tribal land. Most games found at major casinos are spread at these establishments. This includes slots, video poker, keno, live poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and proprietary table games. Tribal casinos may also have sportsbooks. There are 10 tribal casinos in Oregon.

Poker clubs and video lottery are legal in Oregon. These are covered in other sections below.

Casino Laws in Oregon

Tribal casinos were created through gaming pacts with the governor. These were permitted without changing the state constitution due to casino nights being legal for charities to operate. The typical tax rate is six percent of gross gaming revenues to the state. Local jurisdictions may also receive funding for services provided to the reservation casinos.

The minimum age for casino gambling in Oregon is 18. However, it becomes 21 if alcohol is served.

Oregon Sports Betting

There are two forms of sports betting in Oregon. DraftKings Sportsbook is the states online sports betting app, which may be used anywhere in the state. Tribal casinos may have in person sports betting at retail sportsbooks. Most types of bets on professional sports are permitted. Betting on college sports is banned in Oregon.

Sports Betting Laws in Oregon

There are no specific sports betting laws in Oregon. The state lottery created the product in 2019 after it determined laws governing its business were already in place to add it to the product line. The Oregon Lottery determined it would not permit wagers on college sports. Only professional events are allowed on the board.

The Oregon Lottery decided to go the route of a monopoly. SB Tech won the contract and rolled out the Scoreboard app in 2019. It has been a rough ride for Oregon sports betting, which has a history of losing money. An odd contract was discovered through litigation that may have been causing this.

The state lottery returning to the sports betting business created an opportunity for Oregon tribes to join. Reservation casinos are the only venues in the state where sportsbooks are allowed. Bettors must be at least 21 years of age for the Scoreboard app. A casino that does not serve alcohol may write sports betting tickets to those 18 years of age or older.

Oregon Poker

Poker is available in two forms in Oregon. Card clubs are permitted with local approval and licensing. Charities are the beneficiary of these games. Card clubs may have different rules than a normal poker room. The tables sometimes operate like tournaments, depending on local rules. However, players may cash out during certain times. There is a table captain instead of a dealer in many cases.

Tribal casinos may also offer live poker rooms. These may spread any poker game, including cash games and tournaments.

Poker Laws in Oregon

Poker laws are different, depending on the venue. Tribal casinos may spread live poker in any way they wish, much like a Las Vegas poker room. However, card clubs must adhere to Oregon’s social and charitable gaming laws. Passed in 1973, these statutes do not allow a business to profit directly off the game. There is an entry fee for the establishment, which also sells food and drink.

Card clubs must be licensed in the jurisdiction. Each city or county government may decide to permit or ban the businesses. Rules are created by local governments that approved the games as provided under ORS 167.121.

State law does not require a minimum age for card clubs, though some local jurisdictions require patrons to be at least 18 or 21 years of age. Tribal casinos with poker may permit entry to players 18 years or older if no alcohol is sold. Casinos with alcohol must restrict entry to those 21 years of age and older.

Oregon Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports contests are considered legal in Oregon. There are no laws that pertain to it. However, the daily fantasy sports sites believe that the games fall under a skill gaming exception in the state. This has never been challenged by state policymakers. Popular DFS sites and prediction apps all accept Oregon players.

Fantasy Sports Laws in Oregon

There are no fantasy sports laws in Oregon. It is considered a skill game. The sites require players to be at least 18 years of age.

Oregon Lottery

The Oregon Lottery offers several forms of legalized gambling. This includes lotto drawings, instant games, sports betting, keno and video lottery. The video lottery is video poker and slots installed at taverns. Lottery tickets of all forms must be purchased at retailers. There are no online sales, though players with losing tickets may enter second chance drawings on the Oregon Lottery website.

Video lottery is provided through machines like ones found at casinos, though the payouts are typically lower at video lottery establishments. The maximum return-to-player percentage for Oregon video lottery is 96 percent. Proceeds are divided between the tavern and the Oregon Lottery.

Sports betting is offered through the Scoreboard app, powered by SB Tech. Bets are accepted in most forms, though all college sports are banned on the Scoreboard app.

Interstate Oregon Lottery Games

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

Interstate Oregon Lottery Games

  • Lucky Lines
  • Oregon’s Game Megabucks
  • Pick 4
  • Win for Life

Oregon Lottery Laws

The Oregon Regulation of State Lottery Act was placed on the November 6, 1984 ballot as Measure 5. It won by a two to one ratio. It was tied to Measure 4, which earmarked lottery proceeds for economic development.

The Oregon Lottery is permitted a virtual monopoly for gambling in the state. It may sell scratch-off, lotto and keno tickets. The minimum age for these games is 18. The state lottery also controls sports betting and video lottery. The minimum age for these activities is 21.

Video lottery consists of slots and video poker in taverns and restaurants. The payout percentage to players is capped at 96 percent. The Oregon Lottery receives between 72.5 and 77 percent of gross gaming win, depending on the outlet’s volume in a year.

Oregon Horse Racing Betting

Horseracing dates to the 1800’s in Oregon. Pari-mutuel betting was legalized in 1933. Portland Meadows was the only racetrack left in Oregon until December 2019.  That is when it closed. State fairs may also offer live racing with betting.

Portland Meadow’s branding is still used in gaming. It reopened in a retail location, offering live poker and an off-track betting parlor.

Off-track betting is legal in two forms in Oregon. There are 10 off-track betting parlors, typically at taverns or card clubs. Mobile bets may be made at sites like TVG and Twinspires.

Oregon Horse Racing Laws

Racing is covered under Chapter 462 or the Oregon Revised Statutes. This covers licensing for race tracks and pari-mutuel betting pools, including off-track and mobile. Greyhound racing is technically legal in Oregon. However, the last live race was held in 2004. Live horse racing is also legal without any venues beyond state fairs after Portland Meadows closed in 2019.

The Oregon Racing Commission regulates horse racing in the state. Wagers made at off-track betting parlors, mobile apps and live races must be from those at least 18 years of age.

Oregon Esports Betting

eSports are not specifically addressed in Oregon law. The lottery’s Scoreboard app does not take action on these games. Participants would be able to make wagers between each other under the law. Observers would not be able to claim enough skill involved for it to be legal.

Oregon Skill Games

A contest of chance is defined in Oregon as “any contest, game, gaming scheme or gaming device in which the outcome depends in a material degree upon an element of chance, notwithstanding that skill of the contestants may also be a factor therein” under ORS 167.111. This makes most contests with luck illegal in Oregon unless specifically approved by the state.

There are some exceptions, including the ability to win tokens that are redeemable for merchandise or services. No player may purchase more than $100 in entry fees for contests where tokens are the prize.

This allows for duplicate card games and athletic contest or those of speed. Daily fantasy sports contests also appear to be legal in the state under this definition.

Traditional Games of Skill

Skill gaming sites accept players from Oregon. These apps allow players to compete against others in skills competitions involving cards, puzzles and other games. Worldwinner is among the sites that accept Oregon skill gaming players.

Oregon Charity Gambling Laws

Registered charities in Oregon may spread a variety of games to raise funds. These include bingo, raffles, casino nights and Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Some licensing is required. The fee is $20 to $300, depending on the event and amount bet on it. There is no license needed for charities that hold no more than $2,000 in bingo contests or casino nights per session, or $5,000 a year. Raffles with total sales under $10,000 in a year are also exempt from licensing requirements.

The Oregon Department of Justice regulates charitable gaming in the state. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission must be notified if alcohol will be served at the event. Charitable gaming players must be at least 18 years of age.

Oregon Gaming Regulatory Directory

Oregon Gambling FAQ

No. The winner of an Oregon Lottery jackpot is a public record.

Yes. Gambling winnings are taxed in Oregon at a rate of 5 percent to 9.9 percent, depending on the amount of income earned in a year.

Yes. It is offered through the Oregon Lottery’s scoreboard app and live at reservations.

Yes. It may be played at the state’s tribal casinos, charities and card clubs. 

Yes. Social gaming is permitted in the state, including poker and other games where the house does not have an edge.

Home poker games are permitted in Oregon under ORS 167.117. This allows virtually any game besides a lottery to occur in a private residence if the house does not take a cut of the action. The game must be fair to all players. There are no bet or age limits in Oregon’s social gaming exception.

There are no bet limits at Oregon casinos.

Yes. All forms of table games are legal at the state’s tribal casinos.

Slots, video poker, keno, live poker, electronic table games and live table games are all legal at the state’s tribal casinos. 

No. Online poker is illegal in Oregon.

No. Online casinos are illegal in Oregon.

No. Lottery tickets may only be purchased at retailers. Second chance drawings may be entered on the lottery’s website.

Smoking is permitted at the state’s tribal casinos but video lottery casinos and card clubs are smoke-free.

The Oregon Lottery licenses slots and video poker machines to taverns. The maximum payout is 96 percent to players. Retailers receive 23 to 27.5 percent of gross gaming revenues.

Video lottery, mobile sports betting and tribal casinos that serve alcohol restrict patronage to those at least 21 years of age. All other forms of gambling in Oregon have a minimum age of 18.

Skill-based gaming machines are legal in Oregon. However, cash prizes are not. Players may win tokens or tickets that may be redeemed on merchandise, food or beverages.