Legal Wyoming Gambling

Wyoming Gambling

What types of gambling are legal in Wyoming?

Wyoming is the least populated state. However, it still offers a reasonable level of legalized gambling. This includes a state lottery, tribal casinos, horseracing, charitable games of chance, daily fantasy sports, poker and tribal casinos.

Poker is unusual in Wyoming. Its social gaming exemption covers taverns. This allows poker in bars throughout the state if the house does not take a rake. Instead, the taverns make money selling drinks and food to players. Another unusual aspect of Wyoming gambling is that the state lottery does not offer instant games. It only offers lotto drawings.

This list shows the types of gambling found in Wyoming and where to find it:

  • Horse racing (off-track and mobile)
  • Lottery (lotto sales at retailers)
  • Slots, video poker and table games (at the state’s tribal casinos)
  • Bingo and raffles (only at registered charities)
  • Daily fantasy sports (online only)
  • Live poker (tribal casinos and taverns)

Wyoming Online Gambling

There are two forms of legal online gambling in Wyoming. One is online horseracing betting. The other is daily fantasy sports.

Online horseracing wagers are permitted on the internet and mobile apps. Races from across the country are available for betting. All major mobile racing companies accept Wyoming players. This includes BetAmerica, TVG and Twin Spires. Bettors must be within the state where geolocation is available to place a bet.

Fantasy sports contests are also legal. All major daily fantasy sports companies accept players from the state. This includes DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft and Yahoo.

Wyoming Online Gambling Laws

Wagering on interstate horseraces is permitted under the Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978. It was approved by state regulators without a need for a state law. Daily fantasy sports are not regulated or specifically legalized in Wyoming. It appears the games fall under a skill game exemption under state law.

Online gambling is not specifically mentioned in Wyoming law. It is assumed that brick-and-mortar bans cover internet sites through Wyoming Statute § 6-7-101.

Land-based Casinos in Wyoming

There are four land-based casinos in Wyoming. All are on the Wind River Indian Reservation in the west-central portion of the state. Slot machines, video poker, keno, bingo, live table games, electronic table games and live poker are all permitted through the state gaming compact. Table games available include blackjack, craps, roulette and Three Card Poker.

Wyoming Casinos


Casino Laws in Wyoming

Casino-style gambling is generally illegal under Wyoming Statute § 6-7-101. It outlaws gambling on anything where the outcome is dependent on any level of chance. It also makes gambling devices, such as slot machines, illegal. The Wind River Indian Reservation has a compact with the state that permits it to offer casino games.

Sports Betting in Wyoming

Sports betting is illegal in Wyoming. This includes online and live sportsbooks. A 2020 attempt to bring sports betting to the state failed in the state legislature.

Sports Betting Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming Statute § 6-7-101 forbids risking any property for gain on a sporting event. Most offenses are misdemeanors. Repeat offenders may be charged with a felony.

Poker in Wyoming

Poker is legal in two commercial venues in Wyoming. One is the Wind River Indian Reservation. The other is in taverns throughout the state. Tribal casinos may take a rake. Taverns may not. Any poker game is legal.

Poker Laws in Wyoming

There are no Wyoming laws that specifically allow poker to be dealt in the state. However, there are two exceptions worked out through other agreements. The Wind Creek Indian Reservation may spread live poker. Rake may be taken from these games. This is permitted through a gaming pact with the state.

Taverns may deal social poker games through an exclusion in Wyoming Statute § 6-7-101 that allows “Any game, wager or transaction which is incidental to a bona fide social relationship, is participated in by natural persons only, and in which no person is participating, directly or indirectly, in professional gambling.” Raking a tavern poker game would make it illegal commercial gambling.

Home Poker Games

Home poker games are permitting in Wyoming in the same way taverns may spread it. The games are legal if it is a legitimate social setting with no house advantage, including a rake or mandatory tip.

Fantasy Sports in Wyoming

Fantasy sports contests are presumably legal in Wyoming. This includes daily and season-long. All major fantasy sports companies accept players in the state. This includes DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft and Yahoo.

Fantasy Sports Laws in Wyoming

There are no laws that pertain specifically to fantasy sports in Wyoming. The games appear to be legal. This position by fantasy sports companies has never been challenged in the state.

Wyoming Lottery

Thee Wyoming Lottery offers a limited number of games. All are lotto-style drawings. Most involve multi-state games.

Interstate Wyoming Lotto Drawings

  • Lucky for Life
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

Intrastate Wyoming Lotto Drawings

  • Cowboy Draw
  • Ragtime Raffle

Wyoming Lottery Laws

The Wyoming Lottery was authorized through House Bill 77 in 2013. The law forbids instant games and video lottery machines. Only lotto drawings are permitted. North Dakota is the only other state with this form of limited lottery. Players must be at least 18 years old. Ticket must be purchased at a retailer. Online lottery sales are prohibited in Wyoming.

Wyoming Horse Racing

Horseracing is legal in Wyoming. This includes live racing at Wyoming Downs and Sweetwater Downs, as well as off-track betting at taverns, online and on mobile apps. Off-track betting parlors are available at the state’s racetracks and select taverns. BetAmerica, TVG and Twin Spires offer Wyoming bettors horseracing action on mobile apps and websites.

Wyoming Horse Racing Laws

Wyoming horseracing is legal through Wyoming Statute Title 11 Chapter 25. This permits wagering on live and simulcast racing, including taverns, mobile and online. Bettors must be at least 18 years of age. However, an off-track betting parlor inside a tavern is restricted to players 21 years old.

Wyoming Skill-based Gaming Law

Wyoming defines gambling as placing money on an outcome that is in whole or in part decided by chance. This eliminates many forms of gambling that are legal in other states. Participants could bet money on games like chess, checkers and duplicate cards. Observers would not be able to bet on these events on the outside. Many luck-based gambling opportunities fall under the social gaming exception so friends would be able to bet on anything within reason.


eSports are not specifically addressed under Wyoming law. The same rule applies to this as skill gaming described above. Participants are likely in the clear when making wagers, while observers are not unless the bet is placed in a social setting.

Traditional Games of Skill

Traditional games of skill are permitted in Wyoming. Sites like Worldwinner accept players from the state. The games permitted are typically ones involving contests of skill revolving around games like duplicate hearts, duplicate spades, trivia and word games.

Skill-based Gaming Machines

Skill-based gaming machines are permitted in arcades. However, the games may not pay out in cash. Winners may claim prizes or earn credits for free games.

Wyoming Charity Gambling Law

Bingo, Calcutta pools, pull tabs and raffles are permitted if the profits are earmarked for charities. At least 65% of the prize pool must be awarded to players, according to Wyoming Statute § 6-7-101.   

Of the remaining funds, no more than 40% may go to distributors of gaming equipment. At least 75% of the funds left must go to a state registered charity. Charity games are regulated by local jurisdictions, which may opt out of the program.

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